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About Morris Industries Mexico

Morris Industries Mexico is the distributor of Morris Group International products in Mexico. Central to our success is the quality of the products that we distribute. We work with Fabricacion y Manufacturas de Mexico S.A. de C.V. (F&M), Morris Group International’s Mexican manufacturer. Products manufactured at this facility are distributed to locations in Mexico by Morris Industries Mexico.


Our partner F&M has received several awards in recognition of its commitment to quality manufacturing practices.



The manufacturing team at F&M receives the Export Merit Award. From left to right: Bill Upchurch, Silvia Totoro, Daniel Totoro, Jose Guadalupe Osuna Millan, Hortencia Upchurch, and Erika Arriaga. Companies that are Export Merit Award Winners can use the associated logo seen next to the picture.

In 2013, F&M earned the Export Merit Award, bestowed on companies that demonstrate excellence in export quality, procedures, and safety. Eight companies are chosen for this award based on a rigorous evaluation and elimination process.



Workers assemble products for shipment to customers.

In 2014, F&M won the Distintivo PYME Competitiva award for quality and competitiveness among Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs). The award, which was issued by the Baja, California Institute for Quality and supported by the Ministry of Economic Development of Baja, California measures compliance with stringent quality requirements and competitiveness of the company among other Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises. F&M was named one of nine winners due to its record for outstanding quality and competitiveness.

quick shipment

Product is kept in stock for quick shipment to customers.

F&M’s awards and recognitions demonstrate the quality commitment of the manufacturers we work with. We are proud to sell and distribute products manufactured by F&M and offer service that is of the same high caliber as the products we distribute.